Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fully loaded with ... @ b-school

First half of the first term @ b-school and I am fully loaded with

Balance sheet that don't balance
Accounting equation which had debited my brain with frustation
Supplies that aren''t demanded
Accounts which I can't count
Some useless statistics with highly any marginal utility
Information technologies that hardly carry any information
Acts of associaation that dissociates my brain
The hairs that are depreciated from my head by means of scratching
Probablities, to understand which is improbable
A grouped data set of competants in which I am an outright outlier in the negative direction
Motivation theories that leave me demotivated
Leadership theories, which I try to follow
Theories of satisfaction that leaves me dissatisfied
Assignments that I wish had never beeen assigned to me
Researches, which I don't want to search even once
Communication, whose message I couldn't grasp

All paths leading to the so called "dream jobs", which we don't have any time to dream of.