Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sum of uncountable opposites

Ever wondered how many opposites coexist within you, within me ... probably within all of us?

I live in present. Yet that present coexists with memories of pasts and dreams of future.
I face life as it comes. Yet there are times that I become an escapist.
I am often practical and rational. Yet there are moments when actions seem to have only one explanation, and that is irrationality!
I may look at the problems and issues in hand, while I wander in the dreamland in the same very moment.
At times, I am concerned about many things happening across he globe, and the very next moment I become completely oblivious to my very surroundings
We may be attached to a million things. Yet we long for moments where we can break all these shackles and wish to break free.
There are moments when one feels that the world is beautiful. Yet there are other moments when all surrounding us is just a big bad world.
There are moments which seem like hours, yet there are many hours that seem like a fraction of second.
There are times when I feel all powerful; capable of achieving anything in this universe. But there are times when we realize that calling this earth as an inconsequential part of the vast universe may be an overstatement!
Sometimes we believe in our judgment of what should be the way things should be with a strong sense of right and wrong, yet in the very next moment we question the very foundation of such conventions and assumptions!
I am often what people expect me to be. But there are moments when I am simply myself, and that may be the only way I may want to be.

There are so many more opposites. Yet, these opposites coexist harmoniously within you, within me, and probably within all of us!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The captain

He waited for almost 2 hours. The Captain was about to come. He was about to be given a hero's welcome in his home town, a not so big city. And why not ? After all he had won the world championship after beating arch rivals in a nail-biting final, when people had almost written them off at the beginning of the tournament. They were now the world champions in that format of game. This was a shorter version of the game.

But things were never the same. He was among many people who burnt the captain's effigy few months ago. They were protesting against him. They even tried to attack his house and car. Reason - Extremely poor performance in the World cup tournament., which was another version of the same game. The captain was then just an ordinary player, who performed miserably in the tournament. Back then, he was even referred by someone as a disgrace to the team by few people. But now it was a different situation.

The noise was becoming louder by each passing moment. The captain came and went. He got a glimpse of him from a distance. He was more than happy. His thoughts went to few months ago when he was among the protesters demanding his sacking few months ago. Yeah, the public is very fickle. They make celebrities and love to see them fall. But who cares. No one gives even a damn ! He went away to his small time shop and continued his work, much of which had been accumulated in few hours when he had gone for the 'darshan'.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Arbit sawaals and questions

This is just another incoherent random collection of arbit thoughts ... rather questions, one of the posts of "direct dil say ..." kind of posts. Some of these are within some corner of my heart occasionally venturing to the surface and often close to the outer word but are once again sent to the same obscure corner of the heart where it was before.

What motivates us to do things we do?
I think more often than not we are guided by the fact that everyone else is doing it. There maybe a small element of "we wish to do it" ... but again after some probing it comes to XYZ is doing so OR others are doing it kind of things. Maybe it is too deep rooted.

Why do people expect us to be different ... yet be like "everyone else" ?
Maybe, it is due to a kind of peer pressure, or due to a fear of 'rejection', Or is there any other reason?

Why are many people not even open minded enough to realize the need of being open minded. And how can we make them realize that they should be open minded, because they may not realize it, coz they are not open minded enough to realize to listen about the need to be open minded?

Why do people 'order us' while apparently they are advising us and why they often assume that we are completely incapable of understanding what is right or wrong or good or bad ?

Why is it often others who define what is good for us, what are parameters for our success, how life should be lived, code of conduct and all, and if you have your own definitions you are labeled as someone who is some kind of a irresponsible idiot ?

Why is it often that we need to do things not because of any logic but because it has always been done so OR it is the way it should be done (though no logic might go into doing of this!) ?

Maybe these are often the fear arising due to risk of failure due to not following a tried or tested thing ... Or maybe there is some other reason ?

These and many more prakaar of sawaal ...

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Dictionary meaning

Hospitality -

1.the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.
2.the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.

Indians are believed to be one of the most hospitable people. It may be true to quite an extent, but there are some elements which seem strange. Say the obsession with eating, or to put it in some other way, guest eating well being a surrogate of a good, hospitable treatment. This may be more visible in interior or 'traditional' parts of country where ofter the person who is 'guest' is supposed to be 'following' or 'eating' thing served by the host. Plus there are some unwritten rules like you need to be always smiling, you need to get along well with everyone irrespective of age, believe with XYZ rules and all and blah blah. To hell with what you believe in, to hell with what you like or dislike, to hell with what you are as a person!

It all reminds me of one line i saw in a recent movie "Ghee khilaana aapke hobby hai kya!". (said by Katrina Kaif in a movie where she plays a Indian-Firang babe, said to her family members in Punjab) Recently I happened to go to a janmastmi celebrations where they had a prashaad in the end. They had some 12-15 varieties of sweets. All of them were 'served'. They were not ready to take it back (hospitality obviously!) and i couldn't leave it (good manners + prashaad combo!). Alas, I had to eat all of them and be in anorexic state of mind for next few hours! And I know not what people who are so-called 'health conscious' be thinking of when faced with similar situation!

We often tend to confuse hospitality with 'forcing to eat' so that the host doesn't feel 'bad' and all such stuff. So I wonder whom are we hospitable to !