Sunday, October 29, 2006

From ignorance to learning and back

I landed in some sophisticated place amidst the all-knowing studs.
I couldn’t understand the technicalities of F-1 race
I couldn’t understand the soccer terminology
I couldn’t stand the cacophonic parties
I couldn’t get a word of any English song.
I couldn’t see any of booze or smoke around
I hardly talked to girls.
My language knew no slang or swears words.
I believed in early to bed and early to rise funda.
But it all wasn’t that cool.

My weekend evenings were spent in front of a TV trying to understand who the hell Schumacher and Mr Alosno and Mr. Ferrari were.
I woke up late in the nights to see the soccer world cup and all the club matches, trying to decipher why there are 22 crazy people running after a ball, kicking it and others.
I did night outs chatting and loafing and playing computer games
I tried to dance to indecipherable cacophony.
I listened to western rock day in and out, with its lyrics googled and trying to phathom it.
I often got drunk with some weirdly distasteful cocktail.
I tried to inhale some of the nauseating nicotine hoping for the ‘kick’ it gives, as they said.
I created a fictional girl friend called Sush.
I spoke the four-lettered word once in every 4 words.

One fine day,
I asked someone who was the for which team was Mr Ferrari the defender
Who got the pole position in the European Premier League?
I danced to some cacophony in an attempt to impress that pretty lady, and fell down to fracture my leg.
I asked who is Mukul Jaikishan, when someone said did I mean Michael Jackson?
I was drunk and came to the class with a hangover, only to be sent out by the professor who felt that I wasn’t sane, when I said what the F**k are u teaching.
I was talking to Sush on my phone in the mess and it rang.
I was sleeping during an end term examination after a night out with Age of Empires and got myself an F grade, close to being thrown out.

… And then I decided to end the pseudo-giri
It was the time to unlearn all my great learnings
And was again on the ground zero,
Relatively speaking, I was back to absolute ignorance

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I always knew it is going to happen

“I told you na …”
“maine kaha tha ki aisa hi hoga”
“I always knew this is going to happen”
“I knew that India will lose today”
“I knew that the professor will take the test”
“I knew that X will be the murderer in the movie”

And the blabbering goes on.

I have often wondered how people know that something is going to happen with so much certainty. And there are just too many such geniuses in the world. Necessary condition being that the thing has already occurred.

They always knew that idea ‘X’ is going to work if idea ‘Y’ didn’t, necessary condition being that there is no chance to execute the idea ‘X’ in that context any more.

Maybe, some hindsight bias, as some jargonically sound person will say.

You meet such kinds of people everywhere. They are all around us. Maybe I, you or anyone has such traits. Just have a conversation while having a journey and you may find different varieties of them in different shapes and sizes.
Dare to say that there are very few geniuses!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

MBA ke side effects

You tend to look down upon people who sleep before 1 AM or who sleep for more than 5 hours a day.
Almost everything appears “GLOBE”
You lose your interest in studies during exams. In other times you don’t have time to study.
You love partying, even if you don’t actually like them.
You seem to forget what it was to ‘live something like life’
You may fall sick, if there is one day without any kind of slogging.
You may watch soccer and F-1 race just to be stylish, with no real interest in it
You are likely to be looked down upon if you are awake during lectures.
You apply theory of demand and supply to the beautiful girls.
You may discuss soccer and F-1 endlessly for the sake of your ‘image’.
You may hate any social gathering which is without any kind of booze.
You do all kinds of things for that extra point in CV.
You tend to apply all theory in places where not needed, and when needed you forget those theories.
You are in a position to give gyaan about anything under the sun, without having even a slightest inkling of what the topic is about.
The alphabetical part in any number followed by CTC is hated.
Corollary: Any number proceeded by the string ‘$’ is loved.
All things appear to end at the placement week.