Friday, December 21, 2007


Is there a fixed pattern of thinking one ought to follow?
Is there a 'one size fits all' solution or a standard prescription for getting best out of any child?
How good is it to just focus on faults of someone (especially children) and overlook the talent and good qualities he has?
Are there just a few things that become indicator of your worth or how good you are?
Is it always about comparison with what others are?
Is it appropriate to suppress what a child actually is, in order to make him what you think he should be ?
Isn't every kid special ?

The movie Taare Zameen Par (TZP) provides food for thought for above questions and many more. Story of a dyslexic 8 year kid who is helped ... rather inspired by a teacher to bring the best in him. But it is not just about dyslexia. It is also about our attitude towards children. The movie blends realistic and touching treatment with creative elements in showing some elements during songs! The performances are awesome ... in fact almost everything about the movie is awesome. Extremely touching!

Somehow it reminded me of a student in my class (Class 3-A to be precise!) who got 0s and 2s out of 40 marks in exams, and we used to laugh at him. He left the school later (probably after failing in class 3 ... ) I don't know much about him or his talents or disabilities and vaguely even remember his name (...and not sure about it!) but yeah, somehow my thoughts wandered into that time! Now it seems so childish and amateurish.

You love few movies, you are impacted by a handful, and few stay very close to your heart. TZP belongs to the last category. There is so much in it that one can relate to!

It would probably be a sin to miss this movie! Hats off to Aamir Khan (Aamir The Director wins over Aamir The actor!)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Very Far Far Away

Very Far Far Away was a large and diverse country. It had many ethnic and religious groups and subgroups and castes. But there was a problem. The constant infighting had taken a toll on their country. People were driven by diktats of religion and not its principles like love or brotherhood. This had taken a toll on almost all aspects of the country.

Then HE came. HE, through numerous efforts managed to establish peace. HE established a new religion. A religion without any groups, caste, gods or rituals. A religion that was driven by ethics, equality, freedom, love and brotherhood. The countrymen now channelized their energy in more creative and useful things and prospered like anything.

That was few centuries ago.

But many things haven't changed. The country is extremely prosperous. HE is revered even now. People now worship him. They follow few principles of the religion and any deviation is not tolerated, and punishment is of highest order. Equality is still there, although the close associates of the trust managing temple for HE are given preference. People are still free, although it is prohibited to be against HE or lineage of HE or the religion, and mandatory to visit his temple twice a day. HE still stays ... in hearts and minds of the people. HE has to. It is a rule, after all.

Very Far Far Away is a very happy and prosperous country.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mind thy business

My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people's. - Oscar Wilde

Just read this quote. Found it awesome (like many other quotes!) , and so true!

Maybe people find it more interesting to peep into other's business, other people's state of affairs. You have millions of people bombarding with questions like what are you doing, why, why this and not that, why are you wearing this outfit, why you are eating this and not that, why are you writing this stuff and why not thais etc. etc. followed by million other suggestions!

It might be a genuine concern at times, ... but maybe, they find lives of more interesting than theirs ... or maybe they get some scoop to tell in social circles ... or probably there is a hope that they would be as ungood as theirs own, giving them a kind of smug satisfaction!

But on second thoughts ... despite criticizing these, what I will do next?
Maybe, out of curiosity, I may do a wikipedia search to know more about Oscar Wilde's life and various facets of it!
... Or ,maybe go and have a chai-time chat with few friends about different people in the place and get some scoop about their lives!

It is, after all so much fun to get to know about the lives of others, and various 'masala' in the same!

Monday, December 03, 2007


It was going to be a very short night. Maybe just couple of hours of sleep. Next day had few presentations, few project submissions and exams nearing. He don't care much, but nevertheless he had to pass. He was worried about that. And more so, as he had spent last few hours doing nothing except boozing. But for next few hours he had a more important task in had. That was to catch on with some sleep.

Suddenly a voice woke him up. It was completely dark. Probably a power failure.
Damn! His heater was not working. He was trying to sleep when suddenly that man covered all in black woke him up. He had probably left his door open. He did not introduce himself, but for no reason the two started some conversation.

"What are you doing here?" The stranger asked
Seems he has been caught unawares. Someone from outside world knew that he was doing nothing in the institute apart from just whiling away time boozing, gambling with few friends, sleeping, watching useless stuff on computer etc etc.

"What the f*ck ... what kinda question are you asking ... In fact I should have asked this"
"That doesn't answer it"
"I am sleeping and you are bugging me"
"Still ... That doesn't answer it"
"I am ... studying in one of the best institutions around here ...I am one of the best brains in the country ... I will get a good job, good life ... "
"I know how much true is it ..."
"What ...?"
"Dude .. Tell me the truth ... I know it ... but I want to get it from you"

"Damn ... I know I have screwed up everything ... I don't care about anything ... I am just completely pissed off with everything ... I just want to get out of the system ... It is all a complete letdown ... It is too f*ckin demotivating ... It is too f*ckin screwed up ... The place sucks, the country sucks, the society sucks, whole system sucks ... They don't care about learning ... They don't care for you ... Those bastards are concerned only about themselves ... They assume that they are the f*ckin best in the world ... They think they are god or something ... everyone in the world is concerned of nothing but himself or herself ... People are so damn phony ... Everything is such a show off ... Very few things are real ... Everyone expects us to do everything while they sit there on the fence and make things worse ..."

... He murmured ... not sure of why he was telling all these ... but it was just that he wanted to ... or rather he was drawn towards it. He never reveals his ideas so easily, but this time he relented so easily. He didn't know why.

"What after getting out of here ... You will probably be just another moron slogging your ass off for some filthy rich billionaire ... earning truckloads of money ... but completely oblivious of what is happening just the street next to you. You will be sort of living ... or I must say existing in some boardroom .."

"What do you wanna say ? Am I some bloody moron who doesn't care about any damn thing in the world ..."
"OK ... Let me ask you one thing ... What do you think about yourself ? Are you good or are you bad ... You need not answer to me ... Answer to yourself"

"... Obviously, I am good"
"Yeah ... probably"
"I can ..."
" ... maybe, but not that good ... everyone is somewhat selfish ... I am also ... But i am not that bad after all ... i do care about people ... I do care about all the good things ... Many a times I know not what is good or what is bad ... but I try to be good ... Ya, I always look for my interest first, and can play some games here and there ... but ... maybe everyone does that ... Little bit deviation is rule of the game I suppose ... But i am not as big a hypocrite as most of them ... I at least ... Oh my god ... I mean ..."

"Do you believe in god ?"
"Ye ..."
"Now temme ... There is no escape ... You have to tell me"
"No ... Probably I am not sure ... probably somewhat, maybe I hate him ... I don't know why ... but I hate him ... He is not fair ... There is some much suffering, so much inequality despite him .. He is partial ... partial towards the ones who praise him, the ones who worship him ... Despite him being so powerful, evil often triumphs ... Truth is that he triumphs at the cost of others ... He misuses power ... He allows people to be killed in his name ... He is ..."

He paused. Then he continued

"... But why are you asking these all ... Who are you ?"


He knew not why he was answering all that and to whom, and why was hie cribbing this much. He screamed, begged to know his identity ... but the suddenly seemed to be disappearing. And gradually the silhouette disappeared. He never knew why he was being asked all that, who was he, why so much weird questions. But one thing he knew, there was something to look within.

He woke up!

Next he found himself lying on floor, face covered with sweat and pain in the knees, probably a result of sudden fall.

Like a wine ... DCH !

"The movie is like a wine. With passing time it just gets better and better ..." - NR on DCH

Braving the examinations, I watched Dil Chahta hai for the nth time yesterday, after a long gap of maybe more than an year. The movie is awesome. I won't get into review and all that stuff, as enough has been said and written, and everything would sound so cliched. The movie has everything in place - solid performances, script,witty dialogues, characterizations, freshness, music, wonderful direction etc. etc.

But I think the best part is that you can identify with all the 3 friends - Akash, Sameer and Sid.
[OK ... I take back the generalization, but it is extremely true with me, and maybe with most of us!]
There are moments when I feel like one of them, and the very next moment I feel like other. These 'feelings' are no way exhaustive, but it becomes so easy to identify with at least one of them at some point or the other!

And yeah ... It has one of my favorite one liners - "Ya to yeh dosti gehri hai, ya ye photo 3-D hai"

In short, DCH rocks!