Monday, November 27, 2006

Injury : 24 hours later ...

It has been over 24 hours since a white bandage is adorning the part of my body that lies in the intersection of my chin and the neck. The injury was NOT a major one, but yes, i do have some concerns as I would have to live with this for a fortnight or so.

Though it deserved a couple of stitches, but I managed not to get it, with the fear of stitches due to lack of prior experience being one of the reasons coupled with some laziness with me showing to doctor 12 hours later being another. (stiches need to be there within 4-6 hours of injury)

Now I have to be extremely careful while laughing and usually I place one of my palms on the bandage to have a laugh.
Now smiling is also a sort of muscle challenging task.
Also I can do less of talking, which is quite a challenging job.
I can now eat very slowly. This was one of the reasons, I could eat less in yeterday's pizza party.
The quantity of food intake has reduced to 49.96 % of original (a b - school student estimate, where I am not supposed to use NRN- nice round numbers and where I am supposed to quantify everything). Now I can sympathise with people with bigger injuries and countless other restrictions.
I cannot wash my face, so I may have to forego having bath for a few days (those poor souls who are often near me !)
I cannot shave for few days (actually a blessing, as now I have a valid excuse for my dishellved looks)
Maybe a very small patch of skin might not bear any beard, which is one of the reasons why I am a bit concerned as I am very fond of my beard, though that part would be usually not visible.
Now I have to be careful while dozing off or yawning in class, with high chances of professor noticing me.

And these all coupled with answering millions of queries about how/ why/ when/ where it happened and blah blah!

Friday, November 17, 2006

All in the name of journalism

The paparazzi seems to goes frenzy over any thing pertaining to the rich and the famous, and more so if they happen to be a cinema star.

Just the other day I was browsing through a website which described Brad Pitt and Anjelina Jolie’s Indian trip. They even had the detailed description of their local train journey in Mumbai and Pune trip.

Now I know that they had an auto-rickshaw ride in Pune

They visited the Gateway of India

Anjelina had a local train ride (in second class compartment) from Charni Road to Churchgate.

And she was wearing a T- shirt and a cargo pant.

And she even brought train tickets (now beat that!).

She bought some peanuts and mentos at Marine lines station.

This is one of the sample news items, but such type of news galore like an actor planning to quit smoking since years, or someone having an hour of daily workout, or the diet of an actress and blah blah.

Just take the example of the times of India and with all the kind of chatpata, masaaledar news, sleaze, rumours etc. Or any other newspaper or website or TV show who give various useless tidbits of information about who is seeing whom, or who is eating what, or a flawless GPS or telescreen like thing by which they know who is where at any given instant, who is doing what and several whys for that, or who is saying what about whom any why, and millions of other accusations, revelations and theories about any celebrity.

Despite criticizing all these I love watching them all!