Saturday, February 23, 2008

To make your day, All it takes is ...

What you need to make your day ?
There can be a zillion answers
Maybe, getting a promotion and a pay rise, or getting a praise from an unexpected quarter, or maybe getting your pay cheque on first of every month ... probably getting something you earned or you deserved!
... Or maybe, getting a call from an old friend ... just to have a chit chat!
... and few more such standard answers.

Or maybe, the answer lies in something extremely trivial

Like -
Watching a really funny poster on roadside
Eating an extremely spicy roadside chaat, and desperately asking for drinking water.
Or seeing a 6 year, class 1 kid smiling at you and in the process showing off his front teeth which aren't there.
Or cracking a really bad PJ and laughing for minutes together, and realizing that you are the only person who laughed ... and this making you laugh even more!
Or discovering that old chocolate lollipop in a store and relishing it!
Or reading an interesting line in a newspaper article.
Or listening to an old Kishore Kumar song after long.
Or radio playing "O Humdum Suniyo re ..." song while you are cruising on your bike.
... and many other such trivial things!

As they say, It is simple things in life that are most extraordinary.
At times, it seems so true ... but we often fail to realize it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"If only I had ..."
"I should have ..."

"I shouldn't have ..."

"It was too harsh on me ..."

"That wasn't too fair ..."

... and many more such common refrains we hear, here and there. The underlying thing remains the same - regretting things which could have been different, had some decision or some input been different.

Often these phrases seem to be excuses for things having gone wrong or unfavorable, and often they are the reasons why others did better than us. But, if I lost to any of other factors which I may regret, there might be some other factors in which the person who wins may regret. Maybe, there wouldn't be any person in the world without his share of regrets, including the most powerful or the wealthiest person or most successful person in any field. Probably, that young business tycoon sitting in his ivory tower still feels bad having fought and broke up with his girl friend few years ago, but he chose not to regret. Or that half-successful actor still feels that he should have completed his higher education, but he doesn't lose sleep wishing "... if only". But the outside world never sees this as it is carefully concealed withing the safety of his or her brain.

Every person has regrets. But whether he regrets or not, makes a huge difference!

Better said than done!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Beyond the facade ...

"Hi, How r u doing ?"
"I am fine"
"Howzz life ?"
"M doing great. Life is great."
"Great. Life is great at my end too... you tell, What's new ?
"Nothing special.
Enjoying at Delhi"

How many times has this or one of its variant been repeated! Maybe often, be in case of two friends catching up after quite some time catching up probably on a social networking site like Orkut, or catching up through chat or mails. Maybe, in case of a telephonic conversation, it may last a bit longer getting to some the specifics. But more often than not, the script is similar. Usually people are always doing great, they are always happy.

The facade usually remains similar. But how much of those times do we actually manage to look beyond the facade? Maye, very rarely. Maybe many of these goody goody things are quite 'good' if not great. But often behind this are many layers - layers which are hidden from majority of the outside world by means of a mask. Layers of broken dreams, of million compromises, layers of weaknesses, of misunderstandings, of desire to be understood, of desires to appear better than others, of hidden ambitions, layers of sadness, of guilt, of hidden aspirations which would never get fulfilled, of many squabbles, quarrels and fights, of price one had to pay to achieve things and appear so 'good' ... and maybe many, many other layers which never come up in front of the world, and probably never come but remains buried somewhere inside.

Maybe, the real person remains there buried within so many layers, longing to come out, but can't ...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A signboard (Top Secret)

Below is one of the signs I saw at the extremely busy Platform number 1 of Allahabad railway station recently --->

I wonder, How 'secret' or 'intelligent' the department's services would be !

Monday, February 04, 2008

Freedom of Expression

"Freedom of expression is the freedom to say what you want, as long as you say what they want to hear" -

Freedom of expression – One of the hallmarks of great societies of the world; one of the basic rights guaranteed by our constitution. But is it all in theory?

Take the case of Tasleema Nasreen or M.F. Hussain or students of MS University, Baroda or many others who dare to express things against the norm, but have to face wrath of some self-appointed moral police every now and then?

… Or consider countless others who do not even dare to express, because of the fear of consequences from likes of Shiv Sena or Bajrang Dal or infinite others self appointed guardians of our culture.

Yes. As a nation we have had fairly decent record on this front, if not anything great … but that is not enough. It must be made much better if we need to progress as a society. But where are we heading for ?