Thursday, January 28, 2010

Somewhere @ Nowhere

Somewhere @ Nowhere

Coming soon ...

As of now a snapshot at the cover design -

(LHS - Back Cover, RHS - Front Cover)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

(Insane) words of non-wisdom

A stroll down a lunatic asylum proves that faith means nothing; 

A glance at the glamor world proves that "morality" means nothing; 

A walk along the corridors of corporate world shows that "ethics" mean nothing; 

Few moments in a crematory shows that "life" means nothing.

So whatever we learn mean nothing; 

Hence ... 

Everything is nothing and nothing is everything!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The sea and the infinite

Standing at the shore
I stare at the infinite.
Numb of all the senses
Of the wrong, and the right.

I am there at the moment yet
It seems like it has been forever.
I feel crashing upon my senses
The past present and future together.

Up there near the horizon
I saw a ray of fading light.
It went away like that fleeting glory
And disappeared as came the night.

All I can see is
The sea and the wave,
And all I can think is
I was so, so naive.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finance meets philosophy!

If you have ability and all you do is "lie" then it becomes a liability.

If you are an ass and you are well "set" it is an asset.

These basic principles can make a perfect balance shit.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New year resolutions

Ah! It's that time of the year once again !!

Wish you a very happy new year.

I was just wondering about the alternatives for new year resolutions but chucking them out nevertheless ...

... but on second thoughts, some might be worth considering ...

Some random thoughts -

Resolution 1 -

To find out what is the purpose of life, universe and everything and come up with a non "32" or "42" answer

... but isn't this what I am trying to do the whole of last decade ??

Resolution 2 -

Continue keeping the 1024 * 2048 resolution (similar to RM's)

... but as things get hazier, it is likely to be broken ...

Resolution 3 -

Be myself

... I always promise so ... every year without fail ... and fail ...

Resolution 4 -

Write a book - Fiction to be precise (even if it sells 10 copies, 5 purchased by me :)

WIP ... Coming soon ...

(Well ... maybe, sometime in near or late future ... but definitely in this decade!)

Resolution 5 -

Travel ... Travel ... travel ... Explore ... explore ... Explore ... the country and the world ...

... Khair chhodo ... bahut baar socha, kabhi ho nahi paaya ... except on Wikipedia

Resolution 6 -

Give up ... unfollow my heart (as if i always followed it!) ... stop having my own views about random things .... and abandon that machine called brain and blindly do what I am ordained to do, think what I am ordained to think ... become a fatalist ... and live happily ever after!!

... but then ... I not a robot and can't be one ...


Whatever ... Best wishes for the year to come and years to come!