Friday, August 31, 2007

On koolness, Phonyness, Holden Caulfields etc. and all

This is one more post with nothing in particular. It was just that I was feeling like writing something crappy as no one was listening to me. I was watching a movie, not studying, was in a mood to do nothing in particular, getting bored and all that stuff. Actually I was browsing through people’s Orkut profiles. They have written such a nice bunch of krap. I mean all sounded so unreal, so phony. I mean, every second guy is a cool guy. That I must have seen million times by now. This all scares hell out of me. I mean I don’t say that I am someone great or someone like Howard Roark or John Galt, nor I can be. I don’t have such great ideals or morality or any such krappy stuff. But it all sounds so unreal and millions tonnes of aaattitude and exhaggerations thrown in. Dude … they are so arrogant. I mean, they are such idiots that they think that only they are the only human beings on earth, and others are just crappy combination of cranky bones and muscles. And all those artificial and contrived writings with lotsa kool sounding words and spelling mistakes to make it look kool thrown in. I mean Y du peepul make sow manee spalleng meestaches ? Y du they make such contrived centenses? They keep on repeating same kool words and phrases again and again. They are such a bunch of liars, only thing they seem to know is critisizing others, as if they are the greatest person to ever exist on earth. I mean, be yourself dude. Man, you have got a life. Reading all that I was feeling like Holden Caulfield, a character surrounded by phonies. I mean, people are so unkool when they pretend to be so kool. I mean some men are born kool, some become kool, and some just pretend koolnes. All unkool men belong to the third category. I mean I am koolly impressed by the way they are so unkool. This might sound Yossariansqueish, but this is the the way things are … I tell u that. And they are such a bunch of unkool selfish arrogant brats. Better stay indoors like Boo Radley or someone as goddamn stupid. Damn! I can go on continuously about trillions of other things in the universe I know about, but the truth is that I don’t give a damn about telling people. After all why should I ?


Holden Caulfield - Catcher in the Rye

Yossarian – Catch 22

John Galt – Atlas Shrugged

Howard Roark – The Fountainhead

Boo Radley - To kill a mockingbird

(The purpose of last part was not to give references of these characters, but to tell u that I have read many of these goddam books and all stuff …)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random take on Bollywood movies

This is just a random take on some of the Bollywood movies.

Have tried to represent on a graph, with two axes. This classification is quite intuitive and may at times seem devoid of logic. It is inspired by techniques of perceptual mapping in marketing research and somewhat from strategic mapping. But this is about my take on it, with minuscule impurity of the world view. Also, a classification doesn't automatically label a movie being good or bad.

This is done with no particular end in mind. It was just a random time waste ka idea while watching a movie and surfing the internet in parallel

(Please click on the pic to see it clearly)

My personal favorites are available in my profile though !

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Away from Limelight

The lights faded. The shooting for the day was over. The hero retreated in his van, away from the public glare.

He was one of the most popular man on the silver screen in the tinsel town. He had been ruling the roost since over a decade now. It was he who dictated shots to the directors and producers. He was linked with half a dozen ladies, mostly the top most beauties of the silver screen, before tying knot and breaking it up with his schooldays buddy.

He enjoyed public adulation to the maximum. The public once went gaga over him, only to love to see him fall after a string of flops, before he came back with a bang with the biggest grosser of the decade. This was four year ago. Since than there has been no looking back. He had delivered 9 blockbusters in a row since then. He now commanded highest billings in the industry. Calling him a superstar would e an understatement.

Now he called shots. The public loved to imitate him. He enjoyed the limelight earlier. He had always dreamed to be in the limelight. Then he got immune to it. Now he was getting sick of it. Even if he sneezed, it became a news item. Now he tried to get away from the spotlight, but spotlight couldn't survive without him. It was getting increasingly painful. He wanted to be alone. He wanted to be himself. He wanted to LIVE ... and he didn't see the way he was as 'living'. He decided to go away from maddening crowd.

That day he finally decided to act. Not the acting he was doing now, but to do things according to his will. He didn't want to be fettered by his stardom. He wanted to be himself. That day his driver was on leave. He decided to go to somewhere. Where, he didn't know. Maybe, a farming which was his roots. Or maybe he could be a sailor, which he always wanted to be. Or maybe just a traveler, just making it sure that e is not noticed. Even he wasn't sure.

Next day the hero wasn't there for shooting. His cell phone was unreachable. He was 300 miles away in his car listening to a news item, rather a 'gossip' saying that he has suddenly 'disappeared'.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Great Indian Divide

Feels good to have the following published on IBNLive website ... wo bhi photu ke saath :-)

Below is the direct copy paste from the above link (sans photu)

In history, very few nations can boast of having a journey as monumental as India’s. We were once considered to be sone ki chidiya few centuries ago, we lived as a British colony for few centuries, and then we became known by the western world as ‘the land of snake charmers’ and are now considered being a potential superpower.

Yet, India continues to be a land of contrasts. Our GDP is growing at a rate of 9%, yet there are places which remain decades or even centuries backwards. Businessmen are entering into exclusive club of world’s richest men, yet a fourth of the population lies below the poverty line. We have 5 star hotels coming up, yet there are hordes of people who cannot afford even a square meal per day. We are so proud our culture, yet caste system is rampant.

Election battle lines are more often than not drawn on basis of caste and religion. We worship Goddess Laksmi, yet a large chunk of people show disregard for wealth by evading taxes. We have some of world’s finest academic institutions, yet a third of our population is illiterate. We have one of the largest English speaking populations in the world, yet many can’t write their names properly. We are the biggest democracy, yet accountability in public domain has left a lot to be desired. We often rest on our past laurels, but often let it become a hurdle in moving ahead.

I can go on and on in mentioning these contrasts. But the truth remains that although a part of India is ready to take-off to match the world, a bigger part is fighting just to survive. Even if we become a developed country some differences will be present, but this divide needs to be bridged if we want to become a superpower. Post independence Nehruvian socialism was considered to be the best way, but after decades of license raj and infinite restrictions and xenophobia and a growth rate which we can hardly be proud of, we have opened our economy and results seem to be quite encouraging.

Yet there have been many areas where our performance has been far from satisfactory, and this need to be looked into. The main emphasis must be on primary education and infrastructure. Primary education scenario in India has been quite dismal, and with a very high school dropout rates. But in order to bring people from ‘have-nots’ to ‘haves’ we need to firstly get the basics right.

Helping them in later stages of education, say at post graduate level or at job level may not serve the purpose as it may lead to undermining merit and also, such a person is likely to do not so well considering a relatively weak foundation. The building blocks must come at a more elemental level.

Secondly, Infrastructure needs to be developed. It includes chiefly power, roads, ports, airports and IT (have I missed out any!!!). A bad infrastructure may prove to be a bottleneck and be the difference between an industries doing well and not well. Also, a good infrastructure will definitely have a ‘spiraling’ effect on other sectors of economy. Apart from these there are many other issues which need to be tackled like reducing the proportion of people dependent on agriculture for living, a good healthcare system, an effective fourth estate etc etc.

Unless we stop resting on past laurels, unless we work on our grey areas, which have shown a slow progress, we cannot dream of becoming a superpower. (Quite likely that you might have read these earlier in these very columns, but this is what I think as a citizen of India)