Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sarkaari Hospitals ka experience

One of my friends let us call him AK got admission into an IIM. Being a sarkari institute there are some conditions to be fulfilled. One of them is physical and mental fitness certificate (or sanity certificate!) from a civil surgeon or its equivalent. This entails rounds to one of the many sarkari hospitals, as the ones from private practitioner are not allowed.

So began my not so long, yet a long journey through few government hospitals of the city for a work that was supposed to last few minutes. First was the Jaideva Institute of Cardiology. But there they declined stating that that is an autonomous institute. We left thinking that “Hadh hai … autonomous hua to kya hua … hai to sarkaari … and these stupid requirements of the Institute”. But we got the address of next location and continued our quest.

Next location was Sanjay Gandhi hospital for accident. The doctor had gone for breakfast and we were told to wait for few minutes. We kept on bugging the receptionist/ nurses/ any hospital staff every 5 minutes to ask whereabouts of the doctors. Finally after waiting for over an hour, the doctor was still not back from his breakfast. He must be a glutton! But we wondered that it was an Accident care institute. Putting an end to our patient wait we got the address of the next location where we could have our work done.

In a few minutes’ drive we arrived at the Jayanagar Hospital. We were directed from one ward to other, and finally directed to a place where we could have it done. The compounder took us to a doctor, who gave the fitness certificate, took Rs 50 as ‘fees’ (sans receipt … and taking money not by his hand, but asked it to keep at a designated place … probably we look like’s employees). The compounder took 20 bucks as his fees for putting the doctor’s and hospital’s seal and our work was done within 3 hours!

No wonder that futility of all these formalities and evils of red-tapism, blended with the possibility of “fees” money driving the demand and supply of our economy dominated most of our discussions that day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Talent hunt ?

These days almost every TV channel has its own talent hunt show, inspired by Indian Idol, showcasing judgement and other talent of of who is who of the music industry. Some of them even managed to have warring personalities like Annu Malik and Alisha Chinoy to share the same dais.

The talent is often amazing, yet at times it seems so melodramatic, so contrived. Each disappointment comes with a Pandora box of emotions, and then some inspiring and some harsh words by the judges. Who knows how much truth is there in it. For example a recent 'speech' by Himesh, “Mujhe tere ghar roti chahiye!” Maybe it was a promotion of his acting talent before Aap ka suroor releases.

And then there are participants making a case for themselves, so that people vote in their favor. Yet, few survive this ruthless competition. And then comes a flurry of emotions, probably with an attempt to influence the decision. But it seems, this has become more of a norm then exception. More often than not, we often feel sick of so may emotions on a talent hunt show– be it real or phony, often reminding of Ekta Kapoor shows.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Immoral police ?

Recently I read a quote in TOI:
What is difference between Indian democracy and American?
Ans. In American demoracy it is OK to kiss in public, in Indian it is OK to pee in public but not to kiss in public

Moral police, what do you say?

Probably you would love people to be forever in the dark and not make any choice out of their will, but rather they would love to see them towing to their line of thought, or rather lack of it, pollute the culture of free will and people taking responsibility for their actions (if it exists !), and ransack the place where they read this thing, if at all they do.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Why is it that we often dream about those things which we know we won’t be able to get, and even if we get it, the price may be too heavy?

And yet dream on till it becomes too painful to live without that dream.

And become a prisoner of your own dreams; the dreams that were supposed to set you rolling, dreams that ought to give direction.