Thursday, October 28, 2010

A run against time

And I found myself running ... Running really fast, unfazed by the drizzle, for there was a lot at stake.

Few moments ago I was walking briskly. But I soon realized that I was running against time. There was a train to catch. It would probably have gone by now. 

Or maybe not.

Maybe, there was still a chance and it was the last chance I had.

If only I could make it to the station in the next minute.

I could hear the sound of the train. Its gentle whistle, announcing that it was ready to move ahead. But I was nearby. If only I could tell it to wait for me for a minute.

I sped past the small station building. It was not crowded. And then I was on the platform to see the train leaving. I ran in the direction of the train.

The train was still chugging slowly. If I could run fast enough, I could probably manage to catch it. 

I gathered all my energy and started running. I was sweating and panting all along. But catching the train was really important. It was the last chance I had.

I ran faster than the train could leave that place and moments later I was inches away from the last coach. Yes ...  I had almost made it ... I could see that utopia, far far away, calling me ...

And then suddenly I suddenly decided to give up my quest.

I slowed down and let the train go.

I bent down and put my hands on the knee and started weeping. But no one seemed to be noticing.

... And I woke up in a cold sweat.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Power corrupts ?

Random thought -

As the saying goes - Power Corrupts.

But isn't the opposite more valid ?

Without being corrupt you cannot get power ?

And with power  I mean - political, economic, social ... everything

And maybe, "corrupt" includes a milder form also - "manipulative"

What do you think ?

Or maybe, there are few exceptions ...

Saturday, October 09, 2010

sarcasm(?) dictionary

(This is not a complete generalization, but almost ...)

- Individuality - Attributes that define a person, usually supposed to be similar to the attributes of "others".

- 100% chance - Any event whose probability is >50%. In case of >75% probability, it is defined as 110%.

- Interesting person - Any person whose interests are similar to yours.

   Boring person - Any person whose interests are different from yours.

- God - A "tool' necessary to do unethical/ immoral/ evil things with impunity. Also a good way of keping people in your "control".

- Ethics -Good to say about, bad to practice; even the ones preaching it probably won't like you to practice it. Of course it is acceptable, thanks to a recourse found in the above mentioned definition.

-Freedom of expression - Freedom to say what you like to say, as long as it is what the listener wants to hear.

- Creativity - The art of mimicking others with near-perfection.

(incomplete list)