Saturday, February 13, 2010

Somewhere @ Nowhere - The Book


After a tryst with so-called-creativity, I have come up with a book - Somewhere @ Nowhere.

You can have a sneak peek at the story & a few pages from the publisher's website and order the same & get it home delivered anywhere in India/ Abroad.

Details as mentioned below-

- Preview and get the book home delivered from HERE

Also, you can join the following groups -

- Orkut Community

Hope you like the work. Would appreciate a feedback.

Till then ... Happy Reading!!!

And yeah, please spread the word
(relying on word of mouth & word of blog publicity)


Update (18/02/2010) - Thanks for the initial response to the book :)

Update2 (25/ 02/ 2010) - Thanks for the feedbacks on the book those who have read it. (hope to get a feedback by others soon). Encourages me to overcome inertia and write more!

Meanwhile, those who ask for why is it currently not available in traditional retail outlets - well, I hope it will be done in some time (which might take a few months at least). 

Main reason to not go with a traditional publisher was to retain control over content (tempted to use jargons like "creative control" and all!). A few of them wanted stuff what sells like - "life at IIT/IIM" kind of stuff, a mandatory love story with lots of "open sex" plus lots of Bollywood masala; and I didn't want it to be like one of those run off the mill kind of stuff!

And yeah, looking at the feedbacks I am not regretting it :-) !

Monday, February 08, 2010

25 random things

25 Random facts about me (Inspired by Arjun's post on Facebook).

Won't tag anyone but would like people reading this to tag themselves.

  1. I crazily check mail/FB evey now and then even (usually very few minutes) if there is no update or any likelihood of any update.
  2. Before this current "book" I had almost written a manuscript some 1-1.5 years ago, but found it useless and abandoned the project.
  3. I often randomly laugh out loud while remembering some random thing.
  4. I hate to shave.
  5. As a kid I used to read and analyze maps and know about how different places were connected (and hence interest in railways!) and used to mentally test myself on how many places do I know in a particular state and similar stuff. Even now, I get excited by trains and railway stations and highways and airports. (maybe, it is somewhat heredity as my dad had amazing information about different places and all)
  6. I have command over some thoroughly useless information about Bollywood.
  7. As a kid I used to play cricket inside our flat with my brother (we called it 10 outs it was a 2 innings match, we chose our world 11 and it was mandatory to have at least 3 left hand batsmen and a left handed bowler). Among other games one was "fighting".
  8. Best things in life are trivial, I believe. So sometimes, a random long forgotten song playing on my radio se dil garden garden ho jaata hai.
  9. I once jumped from a running train (OK, it was running at a snail's pace) just because it was relatively closer to my home and the station I was suposed to get down at was a bit far.
  10. At times I can be terribly moody.
  11. I like to indulge in the art of "bakar" endlessly unless I am in one of those bad or subdued mood or if I think that people would like me to follow a certain predefined line of thought (and in case of latter, I become almost uncommunicative) 
  12. If we consider styaing for minimum 10 days as having stayed at a place, then in last 7 years I have stayed in - Baroda, Bhopal, Mathura, Bangalore, Lucknow, Raipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jhunjhunu, Bikaner, Indore & Nagpur. If this definition is expanded to include overnight stays (or 2-3 days stay) also then the places that get added to the list is - Shimla, Nainital, Kanpur, Sikar, Jalgaon, Aurangabad, Bhatapara, Kolkata, Amravati, Akola, Rudrapur and few others.
  13. There are people whom I consider as unofficial gurus in initial few months/ years of that interest - Myshkin for books and Rajdeep for Hollywood movies.
  14. In my many jogging attempts I once ran for 100 meters and then got tired and returned back to my hostel (2003-end, started from hostel 6, got tired when I crossed hostel 5 and then returned back)
  15. I don't exactly remembr when I started cracking PJs, but one of the earliest ones I remember is in class 10, when the teacher was telling about the underground river "Saraswati" at Sangam in Allahabad (apaprt from Ganga and yamuna) I mentioned to my neighbour that - "Police is after Saraswati and hence she is underground"
  16. Several people consider me as a damn boring and humorless person (it is ok if they call it "bad" though!) and it irritates me.
  17. I loved Bangalore weather and often used to roam about my small terrace (attire inspired by Sallu !!!) especially post-dinner and in early mornings.
  18. Once upon a time I was a huge SRK fan.
  19. My mom almost did the practical application of "shortest path algortith", PERT, "Crashing", efficiency and similar things in household stuff and maybe that was my first exposure to operations management! (she still does!)
  20. Once upon a time I was crazy for sweets. There have been times when I had had only rasgullas for dinner. Now I am not crazy for them, but I still like them. Of late, I have developed a liking for coffee and more recently black coffee.
  21. I am a relatively early riser (7-8  am types). Even when I used to sleep at 5 am with intentions of getting up at noon, I used to get up by 9 and feel sleepy the whole day.
  22. In long run, I would probably like to live in some small town in the himalayas!
  23. I would love to call myself an "explorer". Often, I can spend infinite time randomly surfing about random stuff in the universe (thanks to wikipedia!)
  24. I have a bad throat and nose which usually get screwed even by slightest provocation.
  25. Despite being an electronics engineer (of almost useless variety!), I haven't done soldering even once in life.

Meanwhile, hoping to come up with the book shortly, maybe in a week or two :)