Thursday, September 28, 2006

A matter of choice ...

You have 2 options, and you have complete freedom to choose any of these.
Each option leads to an outcome which is one of those given below

1. You are happy and everyone believing that you are not and sympathising with you.
2. Everyone believing that you are happy, while in reality you are far being so.

Which one will you choose ?

We love losers ...

The match was close. It was cricket match between Australia and Bangladesh. Most people believed the result would be obvious, but the Bangladesh team offered a tough fight. People were mostly cheering for the Bangladesh team. But this time they didn’t win. Few months ago though, they pulled a surprise victory against the Aussies though, and people would have loved if they had done the same this time also. We all love upsets, unless of course, we or our favorites are on the receiving end. Or in a broader sense, we often tend to love losers.

Be it loving Devdas making it a super hit each time it comes.
Be it loving a hero who loses
Be it cheering for a weak team against a stronger team
Be it seeing a dark horse win.
Be it suddenly having a new-found love for Sourav Ganguly, whom were abusing a year ago for non-performance.

… Or is it the other way round?
… Do we hate winners or achievers and love to see them fall?

Be it secretly hoping that Australia loses each time it plays
Be it seeing Ricky Ponting getting out for a duck.
Be it seeing Roger Federar lose in a upset (unless he is your favorite)
Be it secretly hoping that Bill Gates doesn’t get any richer.
Be it having a wish to see Microsoft lose a legal battle.
Be it hoping that the US economy doesn’t grow any larger.
Be it seeing the favorite of an award lose it

… All only if it is not our “favorite” on the receiving end.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A brief theory of Sleep

“Oops … I overslept”
“I am going to catch on with some sleep”
How often we do we heat these words!

Sleep is one thing that often eludes us when we need it the most, and is always there to greet us when we least want this bug to hit us.
This result can be derived by applying Murphy’s Law to sleep.

Similarly, applying Parkinson’s Law,
“All the possible post-activity time available is filled with sleep”.
This may hold true even if the available time is as high as 16 hours.

Most of the oversleeping occurs when we desire it the least, and have some important task lined up immediately after the ‘brief sleep’, which we miss because our sleep ends up not being brief.

For the sleep to be sufficient, it has to be for optimum time. This optimum time may vary from person to person. If you sleep less than the optimum time, then you will feel sleepy due to lack of proper sleep, while if you sleep more than this, you get trapped in the vicious cycle of sleep and thus continue to sleep more or feel sleepy.
Also, by applying Murphy‘s law, this optimum time never is.

If by luck, we happen to get the “optimum sleep”, we are inevitably greeted by some extremely boring task, like attending a lecture, or some monologue in a teleconference or a meeting or studies or something and we continue to feel sleepy.

This precisely explains why we most of the time feel sleepy.

OK. I am ending it here. I overslept yesterday, and am now feeling sleepy. So got to sleep.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Prof kehte hain ...

Prof kehte hain ... ( inspired by Papa kehte hain frm QSQT !)
Dedicated to the b-school goers !

Here it goes :

Doston, Aaj submission ka aakhiri din hai …
Aur sabhi ne apne project ke baare mein kuch soch rakha hai
But maine kuch nahi socha hai …
Really … I mean it …

Aur aaj baar baar mere dimaag mein yahi baat aati hai …

Prof kehte hain badaaa naam karega,
Student hamaara aisa kaam karega,
Magar yeh to ..
Koi na jaane … ki meri slides … hai kahaaan …

Baithe hain milke, sab project mates apne …
Sabke dilo mein armaan ye hai …
Wo presentation mein, kal kya kya bolegaa …
Har ek nazar ka sapna yeh hai
Koi introduction ka kaam karegaa
Globe maarne mein koi apna naam karega

Magar yeh to ..
Koi na jaane … ki meri slides … hai kahaaan …

Mera to sapna … hai i-bank jaana …
Dekhoon jo usko jhoome bahaar …
Account mein khilta dollar ka mausam,
Style mein jaadooo, bangla aur car !
Banda ye khoobsurat kaam karega …
Powerpoint ki duniya mein apna naam karega …

Magar yeh to …
Koi na jaane … ki meri slides … hai kahaaan …


It was yet another mundane day at the office.

The client had once again told to pull up the socks, if the project had to be completed in time. My manager had one again told that my work was still not upto the mark. I was feeling totally demotivated as I strolled past the park on my way home, when I decided to sit on an empty bench in some corner of the park, which was surprisingly vacant. I was throwing stones at the tree which was a few meters away, but missed it every time. This wasn’t a proper day to try all these. Maybe I would end up hitting somebody, and probably landing at a hospital.Then suddenly this old gentleman came and sat beside me.

I smiled and he reciprocated.

This man seemed to be somewhere in his 60s, but yet seemed full of energy. He was dressed in an executive suit, which I found a little odd initially. Maybe, he was someone in the high echelons of the corporate world. Anyway, it was none of my business. Yet, few minutes later I found myself engaged in a deep conversation with him.

“Hello son"
“How are you? Seems you didn’t have a good day in office”
“Yes, good day usually never is”
“But your company Infovision is a very reputed company”
“How did you know that I work for Infovision?”
“Your Identity card”

Good observation, I thought.

I learnt that he was a General Manager of a very large Indian MNC, and it was his daily routine to have a stroll in this park in the evening. He lived in a nearby house with his wife and a daughter who was a student of medicine. Even in this age he used to jog around 5 miles daily in the morning. He had once been a scientist at NASA, but came back to his motherland after few years.

In the course of our conversation I revealed that I was feeling totally unmotivated and frustrated in life. I wanted to be “somebody”, but it seems I will end up becoming “nobody”. I seemed to make no difference to this world. My words seem to have no value. The world with or without m would continue to function in the same way.

But he had different view

“Son, it may not be as you think. It is quite possible that you are the center of the world. It is quite possible that the world functions with respect to you”

I was confused. I couldn’t make out what he wanted to say.

“Son, why do you feel like “you” and not as somebody else?”

I was more confused.

“See, when you think of yourself, you think of yourself as Nikesh, and not as someone else. You feel like Nikesh, you do everything like him, because you and he are same. Why do you feel like him, and not anybody else? Say one day you wake up and suddenly realize that you are Tom Cruise, or Tiger Woods, or Amitabh Bacchan, or aishwarya Rai, or Bill Clinton. Will it ever happen? No. Because you are the one who is “chosen” to be Nikesh. You are different from the others. Maybe, you are the center of the world, or the universe and the entire universe functions with respect to you, relative to you.

I was getting even more confused, and more so because I never told him my name.

“Maybe, you are stationary. The world moves relative to you.”

My confusion increased.

“Maybe, when you walk, you don’t actually walk. It is the world, in fact the universe which adjusts its motion so that you appear to be moving. Maybe, when you take a step forward, it is actually the world taking a step backward, but it appears to the world, that you are taking a step forward, and not the world taking a step backward.

“Maybe, when you speak, you don’t actually speak. It is the nature’s energy which makes this appears so. It may be something like “anti-words” produced by nature, and you appear to be speaking. Maybe, it is just an illusion. It appears so, though it might not be actually so.

“Maybe, when you are breathing, it is not you who is doing so. It is the air which makes it appear so. It is just the motion of some components of the air molecules. It gives the world an illusion that you are breathing. In reality you may be stationary, but the world thinks otherwise.

“Maybe, everything in this world is limited what you can hear or see. What you can’t, it doesn’t even exist. But the thing about which you know, or even think accidentally, it exists. The rest don’t. For example, you know about some reference to a king of Denmark. So he exists, or in fact existed, though you may not know who he was, or how he lived. But you don’t know about a king in 10,000 B.C in Siberia. You haven’t even heard of that thing. You haven’t even in your wildest dreams, have thought about that. So it doesn’t exist. Maybe, the whole knowledge in this world is with respect to it. The moment you think about anything, it exists. Else it doesn’t.

I was still somewhat confused, but continue to nod, as he continued.

“So son, you are not without a purpose. You are here to accomplish something. All the accomplishments might be with respect to you. It is you, for whom the world it. You are here to accomplish something. Or maybe the accomplishments that you are aware of may adjust itself, that the world thinks that you have achieved it. So go home, and stop thinking negative.

So, I began my walk towards my home. Naah … I was stationary, the world was moving relative to me. I was thinking of many things at once. Naah … Some thoughts were coming in my mind, while the nature made it appear that I was breathing. I was more confused and yet paranoid, especially after meeting this gentleman. I wanted to shake hand with him. But he declined; I just managed to touch his hand, but couldn’t feel it. And then he suddenly disappeared. Was it all just an illusion? Did his hand; or he himself never exist?

Was he the one who sent me to this earth to do and accomplish things, and it was just his way of telling me and making me realize that I have a purpose?