Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sabse Peeche Hum khade

This is a song by Silk Route, and I have been listening to this in infinite loop since few hours now. (Actually I never heard this song earlier. Heard it first during a performance by Silk Route in our insti recently!!!)

The tune is nice, but the best part are the lyrics. Some of them do fill me with a mixture of self-consolation, self- pity, and just a smile with few questions in the eyes !!!

Among many lines, I especially love -

" itney bure bhi hum nahi…"


" duniya ki is bheed me...Sabse peeche hum khade"

In long run, this may probably not end up being considered as a great song, but maybe it will be a cult song in future ... or maybe it is a cult song even now!


Lyrics of the song (copy pasted from after google search)


Zaara naazar uthake dekho
Baithe hai hum yahi
Bekhabar mujhse kyon ho?
Itne boore bhi hum nahin

Zamane ki baaton mein uljho na
Hai yeh aasaan janana
Khud se jo agar tum pooch
Hai hum tumhare ke nahi
Teri aankhon ka jaadu
Poori duniya pe hai
Duniya ki iss bheed main
Sabse peeche hum khade

Mehfile aayi aur gayi
Log aaye aur gaye
Tum jo aaj aaye ho
Dil mein ho bas gaye

Muskarake baat taalo na
Phir miloge jo kahi
Dekhana yahi kahoge
Itne boore the hum nahi

Teri aankhon ka jaadu
poori duniya pe hai
Duniya ki is bheed mein
sabse peeche hum khade

Teri aankhon ka jaadu
poori duniya pe hai
Duniya ki is bheed mein
sabse peeche hum khade


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Future & Present

"Isn't it strange that in hope of a better future, the present is often screwed, and this continues even when the future has become present ... and in the end when we look back, we often realize that we have lived only in hope of a better future, and it never really translated into a good present"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"Events in life are not governed by a normal curve, nor are they by an exponential or any other exotic probability function. They are in fact, just an output of some random number generator."

No matter what likes of Stephen Covey or anyone says or philosophize about life, we cannot undermine the impact of things over which we don't have much control, on our lives.

Yeah, It is about the decisions and actions we take but they may be just one of the many many inputs, and one of the extremely few over which we have some control.

What say ?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


He was bored. It was last term of his MBA. Placements were still at least a month and a half away. Number of subjects in this term were very few. He sat at the local canteen nibbling a samosa and leisurely chatting with a friend who was apparently having a hot cup of coffee, but had actually become cold coffee in last 25 minutes. He was not so bored, and wished that his bored friend becomes not so bored.

"Why are you so bored"
"I have nothing to do"
"Nahi yaar. Kuch to hoga? Classes"
"Yeah. I have one at 3: 30 PM"
"What you'll do till then. Still 4 hours to go"
"Have you read the Harsha Bhogle Article on India's tour of Down under? Those cheater Aussies"
"Yeah. I read it on internet yesterday. Seriously ... Too much hai yaar ... But seems that notheing else is happening int he universe in last 2 days ... hadh hai "
"No. A different one came in today's newspaper"
"I haven't read it. I have stopped reading newspapers. Got bored of it. I read the sports page and gossip page in the class. That's all"
"Have you read any novel of late"
"Yeah. Read one yesterday. Was extremely boring. So abandoned it midway.Suggest me some good novel yaar"
"Pata nahi yaar. I don't know much. Which kind of novel are you looking. Fiction or non fiction?"
"Pata nahi yaar. Got bored of all that. But suggest something interesting"
"Yaar. Tell me what kind of?"
"Pata nahi. I may not read any. Mood nahi ho raha. Even the internet sucks. There is nothing to do. An occasional mail from friends. Clicking on refresh page of orkut every 5 minute hoping for someone to scrap. Clicking on refresh of news site. Kuch nahi bacha hai be karne ko. Saala koi ladki bhi bhaav nahi deti. Kuch time pass hi nahi ho raha. Kal baith ke main wahan ke 2 week old puppies ko khilaa raha tha. Bakar ka bhi koi topic nahi bacha ... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"
"Yeah .. those puppies are cute. But they are shivering in cold. But in general I hate dogs"
"Wow! A dog hting dogs. Sahi hai"
"Ha ha ... bahut hasi aayee"
"Dekhte hain yaar ..."

[Pause for 5 minutes. Both were bored.]

"Have you seen any movie lately?"
"Yeah., Since one month have been watching 2 movies a day"
"any interesting movie of late"
"Na yaar. Most of the good ones i have seen earlier. Not much good stuff left on LAN. Don't know why they don't download good movies. Yesterday I had to watch Rocky 1,2 and 3 for the second time. Itna bore ho gaya tha"
"Any TV series of late?"
"Nothing after second season of Heroes"
"What ? You have watched only 2 seasons?
"Yeah. Got bored"
"Have you seen Friends. I am watching for the 4th time now"
"Na yaar. i watched it once. Loved it. But can't watch it again"
"Hmmmm ...Chal let's go for a movie today. We can ask few junta of our class"
"Which movie? i have seen many of late?
"Hanuman returns"
"Na yaar. Heard some real bad reviews about it"
"Hmm ... as you wish. I may go for it. Not that I am interested to see it. But I am getting bored"
"Sahi hai ..."
"To kya karega yahaan ?"
"Dunno. Maybe I'll go and sleep. But I have been sleeping 12 hours a day., I can't sleep more. Wanted to eat Pizza today. But 2 din se bahut paise spend kar chuka hoon khaane mein"
"OK. Let us roam about"
"Kahaan jaayega. Wahi Hazratganj, wahi Fun republic. Bore nahi hua kya?"
"Try playing CS"
"Na yaar. I don't play computer games. Actually i am too bad at it. Every time i tried to play, i came last. So no use, you see."
"Waise, what do you think about Narendra Modi winning elections in Gujarat?"
"Yaar. We have wasted lot of time discussing this. Bahut ho gaya yaar. Topic change kar"

[Another Pause for 5 minutes. Both were badly bored.]

"Taking part in any B-School competition."
"Na yaar. I never win. So have stopped taking part. Yaar. There is no motivation you see"
"Then go and study?
"Aur kya karega. You are bored of everything?"
"Pata nahi yaar. Dekhta hoon. I would rather get bored than study"
"So placements ki preparation kar ? CV banaa liya?"
"No. When the deadline comes, Ii'll see it then. Waise bhi there is hardly any CV point. Even Academic results would be 'awaited', such bad is my CGPA"
"Dekh le jo karna ho ..."
"Chal yaar. Kalti maarta hoon"
"Ruk yaar. Kya karega"
"Pata nahi"
"Wait for 5 minutes. Lunch might be available in mess?
"OK. Let us move. Waise bhi food sucks"
"Chal yaar"

[After 5 minutes of "chal yaar", "Kya karega be" and some random noise etc. they make a move and begin their semi-perpetual fight against boredom]

Monday, January 07, 2008

Random Thoughts - Indian Team @ Down Under

Much has been talked and written about the Indian tour of Australia, of double standards, of sportsman spirit, of 'integrity' or absolute lack of it, of the extent a team can go to dominate, of the yardsticks used to evaluate 'our team and 'their team'.

And it feels bad that Indian team has been at the receiving end of all these. Yes. There have been other teams at the receiving end in the past, if not to this extent. It has been a height of double standards by the Australians coupled with incompetent and probably highly biased umpiring.
It makes me feel that "All teams are equal but some teams are more equal than others"

Like many others, I usually accept that errors are part and parcel of the game, and criticize them, but usually like to take that in stride and not make a fuss of it. But there are times when these 'errors' are not actually 'errors' but something much more and may probably make us question the very basic terms like 'sportsman spirit', 'unbiased', 'fair', 'within the rules', which may now seem more like useless jargons! In these cases 'making a fuss' becomes quite necessary.
But still I hope that 'sportsman spirit' will triumph!

Amidst all these, I am reminded of a quote - "Sports do not build character. They reveal it."

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A wish

Mera New year reolution ... rather wish ... is the entire song "Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya ..." (the Non-smoking part of it !!)

How about this !

Esp. the lines --->

"Barbadiyon Ka Shok Manana Fizul Tha
Barbadiyon Ka Jashan Manata Chala Gaya"

"Jo Mil Gaya Usi Ko Muqaddar Samajh Liya
Jo Kho Gaya Maein Usko Bhulata Chala Gaya"

"Gham Aur Khushi Mein Farq Na Mehsoos Ho Jahan
Main Dil Ko Us Muqaam Pe Laata Chala Gaya "


Almost th whole song is covered!
Still ... Amzing philosophy methinks!