Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Individualism vs. Selfishness

I have often seen people confusing individualism and selfishness, and using both synonymously. They may usually not accept it directly, but it is often clear from their attitude and mannerisms.The moment you drop a hint that you are an individualist, eyebrows are raised as if looking at a selfish person!

Yeah, both emphasize upon living for yourself, putting yourself first and all such stuff. But I believe that there is a fundamental difference between the two.

While individualism is about living for yourself without causing harm to or belittling others, selfishness is essentially living for yourself often at the cost of others.
It is somewhat like an analogy of making one line bigger (given two lines of equal length, drawn using a chalk). You can either make one bigger by extending it using a chalk ... or you can rub the end of one line to make the other bigger!

What say?
Ayn Rand would probably agree!

Friday, October 26, 2007

civilized society ?

An organized communal riots, gaining the proportions of a pogrom ... but the popularity of the person in command (Mr. M) increased and he got a landslide victory in elections!

5 years later -

Mr M walks away (rather runs ...!) from a popular TV show when quizzed about his role in that pogrom.
A (somewhat questionable!) TV sting showing Mr M's role in that riots
Mr M banning TV channels which are about to telecast that!
and Mr M and his aides refusing to come out clean ...
Still he continues to be at the helm of affairs. He ruled the roost for a long time despite his highly questionable conduct (... without giving any defense, but rather perpetrating hatred which makes us believe more in his role!)

Still, he rules the roost (at least as on Friday 26th October, 2007) ... rather he is allowed to ...

Without taking any sides, I am just tempted to ask are we living in a civilized society, where we are driven more by hatred than anything else?
If yes, what kind of civilized society is this, and where is it headed for?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What if this is not 'this' ?

What if I suddenly realized that my life is going as per the script pre-decided by some novelist, and I actually don't have any control over it?

What if my life is nothing but a non-stop uninterrupted TV show, running for 25th consecutive year with me unaware?

Wat if I am actually living a century before, and am actually on my journey to know the future of the world?

What if in reality ghosts are the only things that exist, and humans are merely an illusion ?

What if time was actually not moving in forward direction?

What if on one fine day I find that they are about to demolish the earth to build the inter-galactic superhighway?

What if trees and animals suddenly interchange their roles and vegetarian plants eating only animals, while non vegetarian plants eating both plants and animals?

What if I am suddenly arrested just for imagining these all as I am committing a thoughtcrime ?

Seems like an overdose of fiction and movies!
Am I getting, rather sinking deeper and deeper into this virtual terrritory ?
Or maybe, I am just imagining things!
Or maybe it is a combination of above !
Maybe, I need a break
Damn !
But kab kyun kahan kaise ?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just aise hi ...

That lady was probably in her early 30s, seemed like a resident of a well off locality, probably wife of some well off businessman in the town. (SEC A type, in marketing jargon!). She seemed to be coming after a shopping spree, although calling it a 'spree' would be an exaggeration, as all he had was a small bag. It seemed that she could not get a car that day and hence decided to take a rickshaw to her way back home.

"Ae rickshaw", she blurted

After some negotiations, the elderly rickshaw-waalah obliged, and she kept calling that person as "rickshaw"!

I was just reminded of a sequence from movie Lage Raho Munnabhai where Gandhiji says -
"If you want to judge a person, observe how he behaves with a person having a lower standing than him" !!!

I smiled, nodded my head once and went ahead !

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Whose decision after all ?

Recently I read about the New Zealand cricketer Craig McMillan announcing his retirement at an age of 31, the age when players are often in their prime. Although he wasn't anywhere close to being a great player, he was certainly a good one, having played some good knocks in recent times. There was not much hue and dry, or fanfare and all, though there were some usual courtesies exchanged and all.

I was just wondering what if he had been an Indian player and done he same ?

In fact, first of all would he have taken a similar decision here, considering various stakeholders! Maybe, there would probably have been tons of news channel smelling something fishy, many fingers raised here and there and few extreme public reactions, and maybe politicians coming in to plead him to consider his retirement once again and return to game. Rest assured, the player who has retired might probably not have been let to live in peace ... at least for few days!
And the decision to retire might have an element of all these!

But why ?

One of the reasons could have been treatment of cricket like religion in this part of country and cricketers like gods (... or non-gods! ... depending upon how the team is performing). Or is there some other reason also ?

Maybe it is all too deep rooted. Probably we always want people to think about others while taking their decisions. While this may seem reasonable, it might often translate into people thinking ONLY about others and what people will say while taking decisions, an not what they themselves think of it.
Reason - They are expected to do so ... and not that they want to do so !

Of course, there could be other reason also like love for power or being a celebrity and the associated glamor ... or maybe they might not even think even of these things while taking such a decision.

I think, we often fail to realize that cricket (or being a celebrity or being at any position of status) is just a part of life ... and it is not the only thing in life. A person might find the idea of a celebrity leading a somewhat nondescript life in some non-metro part of the country as weird or indigestible ... but after all uski life hai ...usko pata hai how to live it !

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Some random movie reviews

1 holiday, 6 movies!

8 movies in a span of last 32 hours!

Huh …

That was too much … A mixture of good cinema and utter crap … of hardcore realism to escapism … of typical and offbeat … of some popular to some watched by a handful … a mixture of many differents actually!

Just writing a purposeless random review of all of these –

1. 1. City of god – Excellent!

Brazilian movie, at best understood with help of subtitles and visuals. An excellent depiction of a Brazilian slum, where kids having guns is not an uncommon site; where crime is a way of life.

2. 2. Love actually – Beautiful!

A mushy love story … rather many mushy love stories …Karan Johar types, if some parallel has to be drawn to our desi phillum industry … with everyone from a school kid to Britain’s prime minister is falling in love.

A good watch nevertheless!

3. 3. Jhom Barabar Jhoom – Crap

Only good things are nice songs … but not that interesting with random jhoom baraabar jhoom title tracks thrown in … Also lead female actors look hot!

4. 4. TaRaRumPum – Utter Crap!

… No actual reason for watching it … just aise hi dekh liya forward kar ke … An awful wanna be ‘Life is Beautiful ‘kind of movie!

5. 5. Dhamaal – Time pass

Time pass Escapist cinema with all kinds of crazy stuff thrown in. Absence of songs helps!

6. 6. Ace Ventura Pet Detective – Time Pass Slapstick

Escapist time pass cinema, with typical Jim Carrey humor.

7. 7. Dharm – Excellent Cinema

A typical ‘art’ movie, slow and sensitive kind of … only to be seen it in a ‘frame of mind’ to watch such cinema.

Well researched and well presented, with some excellent performance thrown in. It seems truly ‘Oscar’ nomination kind of movie.

Although, though provoking … it is likely to be seen a quite boring or too slow movie.

8. 8. Loins of Punjab presents –Damn Interesting satire

A recent release and the only one in the lot to be viewed on big screen.

A sneak peek into lives of NRIs. An excellent satire on their lifestyles and talent hunt shows (Indian Idol types!). Beneath this all there are other aspects portrayed quite effectively. Be it high class ‘socialites’ with all their phonyness (portrayed by Shabana Azmi, playing the ‘bitchy’ Rrita), or portraying typical mindset where we wish everyone to be a doctor or engineer, or 10-15 relatives coming up to ‘encourage’ a participant in the talent hunt or a typical Punjabi ‘wanna be dudes’ duo or behind the screen jugaad, or Indians wishing to squeeze the maximum out of US hotels!

Bole to buree tarah le li gayee hai sub type ke ’characters’ ki!!

A good watch for those who love satire (this 90 minute movie is largely in angrezi)


So much for a day and a half ... huh !!!!!