Saturday, December 30, 2006

New year resolutions

Finally, it is the time for New Year,
And with it comes the time when most of the resolutions were broken.
And also comes the time when many more resolutions are made
Probably to be broken in next 365 days.

So, here goes my list of 32 resolutions for the year 2007, with a hope that most of these aren’t broken.

I shall -

  1. Try 5 different looks
  2. Keep moustache for some time.
  3. Crack less PJs
  4. Reduce the tummy
  5. Get a Regular walk/ jog/ exercise.
  6. Read at least 5 ET articles daily.
  7. Read newspaper editorials regularly.
  8. Find out what I really want in life.
  9. Learn a foreign language.
  10. Be more organized
  11. Keep my room clean
  12. Be more systematic in my approach of doing things.
  13. Not crib.
  14. Not give up easily, without giving a fight.
  15. Improve my reading habits
  16. Read business world regularly
  17. Not regret about things and won’t give “ifs and buts” explanations
  18. Mind my own business
  19. Not litter on the road.
  20. Give minimum excuses, and only if needed.
  21. Try not be a rat in the rat race
  22. Watch at least 100 good movies in 365 days.
  23. Learn to play pool or snooker
  24. Reduce my idle time (times where I have time, and I end up doing absolutely nothing).
  25. Learn using adobe Photoshop.
  26. Reduce the quantity of useless paper lying around haphazardly in my room.
  27. Not be short on effort, as I am often.
  28. Care not about what people say (unless of course it has some merits)
  29. Reduce the number of careless mistakes.
  30. Not form premature opinions about anyone.
  31. Write something good, and not just the crappy stuff I often end up writing
  32. Try to see that these resolutions do not go down the drain completely.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Alma Maters - Google Earth view

click on the image for a better view !

MANIT, Bhopal
MANIT, Bhopal

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The road to nowhere

Everything seems to be at crossroads ... but I dunno where r these roads heading towards.
I am moving on with the traffic, knowing that others are going toward somewhere, where I don't want to go ... yet I am trying to be in sync with it
I wish to to stop my car and see if I am headed in right direction, but I don't have guts to do so on an expressway where everyone is speeding by
I am just hoping that my car doesn't run out of fuel or break down while on a way
I am scared to take an U turn, but am scared that I would be knocked down by a speeding vehicle
I am scared to drive slowly, because I am scared to be left behind
I am bound by the rules of the game, I wish to break them but I dare not do it on this expressway
Something is wrong, maybe that's obvious ... but the obvious is often not too obvious.
The problem is that I dunno what really the problem is !!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Catch 22 situation

Of late i have been slightly injured in the region just below the chin (nothing serious though !) and have been wearing a bandage (the one which sticks on the skin like a tape), which is often too weak on my beard !

Doctor : You need to take care that the place of wound is protected from water
... and you need to shave because the bandage in not sticking coz of your beard
Me : How can I save the place from water and get a shave, both at the same time.


Somewhat reminds me of catch - 22 !