Saturday, June 30, 2007

The moviee - The real luv story

Love him or hate him. You just can’t ignore him. That has been the case of our music director turned singer turned pop-star turned actor Himesh Reshammiya. So, when his debut movie Aap ka Surroor (based upon one of his music albums with same name) released, it was bound to be in the news. Last Friday a group of nearly 15-20 people, including me went to catch this magnum opus. The promos offered an ample scope for masala in the movie, and that was the main reason for going to see it, rather than catching some good cinema! We all decided to wear caps to PVR, but only a handful followed the dress code. My cap coupled with unshaven looks made me appear like a true Himesh fan, and I felt proud of it, especially when I was about to watch a probably classic!

The entry of the hero with a song As-salaam-walaikum generated a tremendous applause. He sang each and every song in the movie, apart from chanting Gayatri mantra and Dard e Dil from Karz. Nearly every dialogue he said generated the applause. Many a times the applause was preceded by screams of “Taaliyan” and we all obliged. The dialogues generated applause, the music did, the fight sequences did, and the cameraman did (esp. when he focused on Himesh’s cap!). Few sequences stand apart in the movie. One of them is the fight sequence towards the climax of the movies where 3 autos (in Germany!) fight the German cars which also included the likes of BMWs! And the songs had us joining the chorus, and at times dancing to tunes (though we were firmly seated in our seats even while dancing).

This was one of the movies where someone sharing the screen with Mallika sherawat managed to get more applause than Mallika. The fight sequences were as bizarre as possible. The love story was as clich├ęd as possible. There were scenes where Himesh was beaten badly, but he never compromised with his cap. Then there was an awesome fight sequence in the roads of Germany, and the confessions of the villain, which was aired live on TV … and the heroine watched it from her ‘shaadi ka mandap’! . But the scene that stands out was the one in the end where our hero takes out his cap. That was the scene of the movie, it seemed and stood a class apart (maybe in the league of “kitne aadmi the” in Sholay!). And suddenly after that there was Mehbooba Mehbooba track from Sholay, and the movie ended! We came out of the cinema hall with some great memories and a pain in hands resulting from excessive applauses. And for us, those two and a half hours were total paisa wasool.

While reading this, it might seem that there was nothing great in the movie. But see the movie and experience the magic. And, as I say … It is often quite entertaining to watch a complete nonsensical potboiler like this one, with a frame of mind tailor made to watch an out and out stupidish movie like Aap Ka Surroor. Caps off to you … Himesh!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


After a failed attempt at jogging, I roamed about aimlessly when an idea struck me to have a ride in a cycle, couple of which is lying in the “recreational area”. I was longing since long to ride a cycle sans motor. There was no particular reason for this feeling; it was that just I wanted to have a ride. The 2-3 km ride was a tiring experience, especially for one who is having this after a long time; but I was gleeing all along.

As an infant, I loved going about in a tricycle. Then I became too big for it and got a cycle. After several attempts and many falls, I mastered the art. I used to flaunt it in front of my friends, who flaunted theirs. As I entered teens, the bicycle seemed smaller; so I got a bigger cycle. As years progressed, I learnt to ride a 2 wheeler. Now I started to find the bicycle too childish for my tastes. I tried to reason out why I should get a 2-wheeler to go to a particular place. Sometimes I succeeded to get it, and sometimes I didn’t and had to go around in the cycle. In the first year of my engineering college, only few guys had bicycles. They were always in demand to go a distance, and I became a consistent borrower. But as we spent some time, we got our bikes, and bicycles were either sold or started gathering dust. Riding a bicycle was anyway not cool, and bicycle became bye-cycle. Now few years down the line, I haven’t driven a bicycle for few years. It was such a great experience to have a ride after so many years. Is that life coming full circle?

Naaaaah, but it surely was a great experience.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I feel like ...

A wierd kind of feeling has been making me feel wierd since few hours.

I wish to sleep, I long for it after a tiring day, yet I decide against it for some time.
I longed for wi-fi connectivity in my laptop, but am not feeling like using it.
I felt like spending hours in air conditioned library and computer centre of institute, but am spending time in hot and humid weather.
I feel like having a nice stroll, yet my will powerfails me after pain in my legs after a round of partly unsuccessful atempt at jogging.
I wish to finish up some long pending tasks, but feel like leaving it up to 'tomorrow'.
I long for solitude to spend time with myself, yet the silence seems too be so deafening.
I long to converse to some friends, but then for no reason I feel like not troubling them with my blabbering.
I wish to write something endlessly, but words words fail me.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Road crossing blues

It was the peak hour in Bangalore. I just needed to cross the road and drop a cheque at an ATM. I expected to be back in 2 minutes. But it wasn’t going to be an easy journey. It was the 100 feet ring road in Koramangala at 8 PM on a weekday. People were returning after another mundane day at their office. There were bikes, cars, buses and more and more of the 3. The traffic signal (which is not usually followed) was a bit far away. So why was I supposed to spend those extra few minutes. So I just went with the shortcut. There were four stages. Two lanes while going and two while coming. So I began my journey.

Stage 1:
The vehicles were coming at full speed. I waited for more than two minutes, but wasn't able to make a first move. Then I decided "bahut ho gaya ... ab to cross kar ke hi rahunga". So, there I went. But I was soon on back foot as I was nearly knocked down by a speeding car. He blurted some abuses at me which I couldn't hear due to clamoring of vehicles. In next 3 minutes I made4 failed attempt, half of which were a close shave. But I didn't lose any hope. I went ahead. "Thoda risk to lena hi padega ..." I thought. Then I saw a ray of hope. I calculated that the next vehicle will be there in 3 seconds; so if in 2.5 seconds I manage to cross the road, my journey will 25% complete. I was somewhat wrong. But, the driver was a good one. He slowed down a bit, changed his path a bit, and I was through just in time. 7 minutes into the start of the mission; I was now stranded in the divider.

Stage 2:

This was the easiest. I had decided to use all my experience. So the moment car was 3 seconds away, I ran to the other side. A motor cycle managed to brush me and I nearly fell down at one corner of the road, but I was safe and sound and more confident. The stage was over; and so was my half of the mission.

Stage 3:

10 minutes into the mission, I was late by 8 minutes. Though I couldn’t make up for the lost time, I decided to make amends. So like stage 2, I made a quick calculation and ran towards the divider. All was over in one minute. I stumbled by divider and wasn’t as lucky as the second stage. Yet I escaped with minor injuries. But now I was wary of heavy traffic.

Stage 4:

Scared and waiting for the right moment, I stood patiently on the divider. My friend who had been waiting for me was nowhere in sight. He must be somewhere around the corner, I thought. I patiently waited for seven more minutes, when I called it quits. It wasn’t possible to cross road without taking any risk. I was at the point of no return. I couldn’t have escaped from the divider. So, as soon as I spotted an opportunity, I garnered all my courage, all my energy and was all set to make a quick move. However, it did not materialize. So I tried to use what my friends described Formula 32. I walked patiently, showing a hand to all the vehicles coming my way, literally telling them to wait for a second so the emperor crosses the road. And finally I succeeded. What a moment it was! I was back within 19 minutes. But my friend had left by them. He was scared of the dreaded traffic police, so he made a move. So I got an auto and went towards my home which was few minutes’ walk (without any crossings!)